OpenDelos serves as a tool for the management of educational videos produced under the framework of the Greek Open Courses initiative.

It implements the relevant tools for supporting the following activities:

  • Video lecture production
  • Video and presentation processing
  • Vich-player play back

1 – The major functionalities of the platform are:

  • Scheduled recording of video lectures by remote management of installed cameras
  • Management and processing of produced video material
  • Syncing of video to presentation slides
  • Publishing of synced video lectures through a rich player on the web

2 – The three main scenarios that are supported by the platform for lecture production are:

3 – After initial recording, the material can be processed with online tools:

  • Video editor for trim and cut operations
  • video sync editor for sectioning video and associating to slides

4 – Finally, publishing of material through:

  • Central portal for search of aggregated and indexed lecture metadata
  • Rich player for video lecture reproduction

Acceptable formats for produced lecture material that can be imported to the platform are:

  • Mpeg4 video, as recorded either by streaming server or mobile camera crew
  • Series of lecture slide pictures, either exported from presentation or screen captured
  • Xml files with slide timing information
  • Accommodation for other material from custom presentations
  • Ppt and pdf files to make available with video lecture material

The components of the platform under development are:

  • Recording and live streaming scheduler
  • Management of organization parameters (classes, rooms, teaching staff)
  • Editors and post-processing tools
  • Search portal and rich player

The published lectures on OpenDelos are closely tied to the respective course material hosted on Open eClass, the associated learning management system. The student can leverage the full material available for the course, both recorded lectures and LMS hosted activities. The two platforms provide live feeds of course metadata to the national aggregator portal, which offers a search interface at a national level for all indexed courses of participating institutions.