Lecture recording with in-class installed, fixed camera

In venues where IP cameras are already in place, this scenario ensures a stable quality of produced material with a minimum of technical support staff. The national OpenCourses initiative will equip a significant number of lecture halls with such IP cameras in a number of Greek universities. This solution allows remote management of the recording equipment for pre-scheduled recording times. Recording quality is standardized and shooting is in the fixed frame of the roof-installed camera, while audio is picked up either by a room or a wearable, wireless, speaker mic.

Characteristics of IP camera recording

  • Requirements for fixed installation of equipment. Only available in equipped lecture halls. Network connectivity is required.
  • Recording scheduling, one-time or repeated.
  • Automated start and end
  • Network streaming of lecture to media server for recording or live distribution
  • Fixed frame for camera covering speaker movements and possibly projected presentation slides
  • Standard video and audio quality with remote management capability

Supported Procedures

  • Scheduling for future recording in a specific lecture hall, as well as provisioning for metadata entry for the produced material
  • Changing or cancelling of a scheduled session
  • Automated start of IP camera and server recording
  • Optional live streaming
  • Video recording in Η264/ΑΑC (MPEG4)
  • Audio level check through the locally installed sound mixer
  • Video quality check through web-based camera management
  • Remote IP camera management (depending on model)


  • Sound check staff
  • IP camera manager
  • Streaming media server administrator