Lecture recording with camera crew visiting classroom

In venues where no recording equipment is in place, this alternative scenario allows coverage by a mobile crew that carries and installs all necessary equipement in the classroom on demand. This solution can also serve cases where high-quality video production is required, such as invited talks or special univeristy-wide events. Recording quality is not standardized and depends on the crew and its equipment. The camera (possibly more than one) can track the speaker and both audio and video quality can be adjusted in real-time by the on-site crew.

Characteristics of mobile recording

  • Solution available for any venue. Network connectivity is not required.
  • Recording scheduling is not required, but depends on crew availability. It typically concerns one-time events.
  • Recording material is stored locally by the on-site crew, either on the portable camera, or on the crew’s laptop.
  • Live streaming is not typically supported, but can be optionally provided, assuming network connectivity and laptop are available
  • High-quality video and audio with on-site camera crew that can track the speaker. Second camera possibly covering presentation slides
  • On-site camera crew adjusting audio and video quality in real-time

Supported Procedures

  • Live streaming option, especially for high-profile events
  • Video recording extracted from camera/laptop of crew on return of equipment
  • Recording metadata entered on platform after the event


  • Video and audio crew
  • Streaming media server administrator