Sound recording of presentation by teaching staff

In cases where the lecturer does not wish to have his lesson recorded live, he can record his prepared presentation in his office, without any audience. Mobile camera crew presence is not required and usually avoided. Typically, a simple recording of the lecturer along with his presentation slides is recommended. This is the simplest form of production that requires the minimum of means and provides the maximum of versatility to the teaching staff.

Characteristics of podcasting

  • Solution available for any venue. Network connectivity is not required.
  • Recording scheduling is not required, and neither is crew.
  • Recording material is stored locally on the computer of the lecturer
  • The simplest possible production scenario, with minimum requirements in terms of equipment. Monitored sound quality
  • Video of the lecturer is optional
  • Maximum of versatility for the lecturer. Ability to edit out and re-record problematic spots

Supported Procedures

  • Preparation of teaching material by lecturer’s support staff
  • Recording by simple presentation tools (Camtasia/Powerpoint)
  • Recording metadata and audio entered on platform after the recording


  • Lecturer support staff
  • Lecturer